Volunteers & Chaperones

SMA welcomes cadet families and community members to visit and volunteer on our campuses; however, campus safety is a number one priority for the Sarasota Military Academy. Visitors and volunteers are required to follow the Sarasota County School district's procedures

All campus visitors must show a valid driver's license and obtain a visitor badge from the front office.

Safety & Clearance Protocols

Volunteers & Chaperones

ALL volunteers and chaperones MUST be approved through the Sarasota County Volunteers Count Database.

- Volunteers must be registered and approved prior to volunteering or chaperoning trips

- Once registered, volunteers must reactivate their volunteer status each school year

- Volunteers and chaperones must obtain a visitor badge, as well as, sign in/out in the Volunteers Count Database in the main office

Level 1 Clearance

Please stop by the main office at either SMA campus to register or reactivate your volunteer status. It can also be completed online at:

Level 2 Clearance

Level 2 Clearance is necessary for coaches and volunteers who chaperone overnight trips and/or transport cadets in a vehicle. This clearance is also necessary for those who will have a one-on-one interaction with a cadet or group of cadets, such as a mentor, where an SMA staff or faculty member will not be present. T​o ​obtain a level 2 clearance, fingerprinting is required. To set up an appointment for fingerprinting, the volunteer must have a Level 1 Clearance.