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Once an Eagle Always an Eagle

SMA alumni span the globe sharing a lifelong bond and commitment to create a positive impact in the world.


"SMA afforded me the opportunity to find my voice and develop into an influential leader on campus and in the community."

Whitney Alum
Whitney currently attends University of Pennsylvania
Trey is currently a cadet at West Point
Trey Alum

"SMA changed my life and prepared me for the challenges after high school. The JROTC program provided me with invaluable leadership experience that has applications in many areas of life beyond high school. Being on the SMA Raider team was by far the most meaningful experience I’ve ever accomplished. Not only was I pushed to excel physically and mentally, but I went through it all with a group of brothers I will love for a long time."

"Sarasota Military Academy was one of the best choices I've ever made. As a college student, I realize the importance of the SMA JROTC leadership training. Every day I draw upon the tools that were imparted to me. My high school teachers and coaches are like family and are still a part of my life. Thank you, SMA!"

Shannon Alum
Shannon currently attends Palm Beach Atlantic University