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SMA Prep Uniforms



Monday & Thursday


Tuesday & Wednesday

Class B (Dress) 

Choice Friday

Class B or Polo/Spirit

Cadets in P.E. Class

P.E. Uniform


2 Ways to Purchase

Cadets should have at minimum: 
  • 1 Camo PT Uniform  |  1 Class B (Dress) Uniform  |  1-2 P.E. Uniforms (P.E. is an A/B Day class)
  • Spirit Wear is available for purchase at front office
  • SMA Prep club, team, or community event shirts are also wearable on Choice Friday!

Order online or in store |  Check availability before visit

4525 Bee Ridge Rd, Sarasota | 941-955-6999

Mon-Fri: 9am - 5:45pm & Sat: 9am - 5pm

Prep Gently Used Closet

By Appt. Only  |  Limited Availability & Sizes

3101 Bethel Ln, Sarasota | 941-877-7737

NEW Camo PT Uniform

* Asterisk below indicates availability exclusively at:

  • Children's World
  • Prep Gently Used Closet based on inventory


*Woodland Camo pants

*Tan athletic shirt

*Black belt

  • Black socks - (calf size/mid-calf)
  • All black sneakers or military style boots with black lace (no boat/dress shoes)
  • White undershirt or camisole (optional) 
  • Undergarment sleeves may not extend beyond the uniform shirt 
  • Camo pants may not be bloused or tucked into shoes/boots 

Camo PT with All Black Sneakers

Class B (Dress) Uniform

*Light blue oxford shirt

*Dark blue slacks

*Black belt

  • Black socks - (calf size/mid-calf)
  • All black sneakers w/ black laces
  • All white undershirt/camisole (optional)

Nametag, Crest, and Epaulettes (ribbons, pins & cords are given for specific participation & roles)

Class B Uniform Decoration

SMA provides starter set of Nametag, Crest, and Epaulettes at no charge.

  • Nametag:  Centered on the right pocket flap, 1/8 inch below the top edge
  • Prep Crest:  Centered above the right pocket flap, 1/8 inch above the top edge
  • Ribbons:  Centered 1/8” above the left pocket flap, in order of precedence
  • Belt:  Tip of the belt should be to the left side of the buckle, buckled in the center hole, length adjusted with the belt slide.

Black Jacket

*Black, zip-down jacket with logo

  • Worn on Jacket Days and in classrooms with teacher permission
  • Sweatshirt hoodie is now discontinued and not wearable on campus
SMA Prep NEW Camo PT

Black, Zip-down Jacket with logo

SMA Spirit Wear shirts are available in many colors and styles

Choice Friday options: 

Polo/Spirit or Class B Uniform

  • Pants or shorts - dark blue (from Children's World)
  • Black belt (same as dress uniform)
  • Black socks
  • Spirit Shirts (purchased from Prep)
  • no PE or Camo shirt option on Fri
  • Boat shoes or sneakers and laces any color with any color laces
  • No shoes with wheels/rollers or light-up shoes allowed

P.E. Uniform

*Light blue t-shirt

*Dark blue shorts

  • Black Socks (calf size/mid-calf)
  • Any color sneaker with any color laces
  • P.E. uniform may not be worn under other uniforms.