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2022-23 Updated Bus Schedule


New Bus Schedule for 2022-2023 School Year

Please note the following updates:

  • Bus 1130 has consolidated South County stops at Executive Dr & Jacaranda
  • Bus 1730 will pick up and drop off in East Manatee
  • Bus 1600 will pick up and drop off in West Manatee
  • County bus stop times will be added once they are announced

Bus Schedule Update 2022-23


County bus contact 941-486-2141

SMA bus contact Beth Harris 941-877-7737 ext.3128 or


Carline Information

Carline is located on the west side of Bethel Lane by the gym. You are required to have your "yellow" card on the dash to verify an approved pick-up person. Add or update approved pick-ups or contacts through the parent portal and request a dash card through the front office.

Morning Dropoff 

Gates open at 8:30 am     |     Gates Close at 9:00 am

Afternoon Pick-up

Begins at 4:15 pm     |    *Ends at 4:40 pm

*Front Office Closes at 4:45 pm. Rates may apply for late pick-ups.