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ECO Team

Eco team and garden

In 2017 Prep earned the status as a Certified School Habitat Site as well as a Green Flag Eco School by the National Wildlife Federation. The Eco-Team maintains both these certifications by maintaining habitat nesting and feeding boxes, recycling, monitoring energy and water usage and more.This club is for cadets who wish to educate both cadets and staff on how to reduce their ecological footprint on our planet.Every Tuesday      Room 211 (8:00-8:45  AM)

Learning in Action

Soil Sammies

The Eco Team made Soil Sammies for Thanksgiving! Students placed rye grass seed in a knee high stocking, added water and dirt, and turned them upside down in water. In a few days, the grass pushed through creating a Prep version of a Chia Pet!

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Hydroponic Container Garden
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Eco-Team Advisor

Deb Walker

SMA-MAJ, AgriScience & Design, Eco-Tean Advisor

Environmental Teaching & Learning Partners