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Learning at SMA Prep is transformative.

Thriving in our rapidly changing world requires a new approach to teaching and learning that requires a learner-centered approach to facilitate the development of agency within our young people. As they navigate and interact within a global environment through technology, their greatest assets will be to learn how to learn and become adaptable to new experiences they will face now and in the future. Social and Emotional Intelligence are also key to become effective collaborators with diverse groups of people. SMA Prep seeks to develop the whole child and provide engaging learning experiences allowing cadets to continue to grow. Starting in 6th grade, SMA Prep, encourages cadets to take ownership of their learning to empower them to have the creative confidence, skills and character to have a positive impact in the world.

What is a Learner-Centered Approach?

A shift from a teacher-centered to a learner-centered approach is imperative if we expect our young people to succeed into today's world. Learning has to be placed in their hands with the educator becoming a facilitator of the learning process. Each individual child needs to develop the creative confidence to advocate for themselves with the goal of taking ownership of their learning. All learners are unique and the main goal for 21st century educators is to design learning experiences that provide opportunities to meet the needs of a diverse group of learners.

Cadets work in Prep's Award-Winning Garden

Cadets work together in Prep's Award-Winning Garden

"The world doesn't care what you know. What the world cares about is what you can do with what you know."

-Tony Wagner, Senior Research Fellow at the Learning Policy Institute, founded by Linda Darling-Hammond

What is Learner-Agency?

According to the World Economic Forum, many of our primary and middle school students will face joining a workforce filled with jobs that don't yet exist. As our world is evolving, a demand for a mastery skill set looks much different today than even 5 years ago. Learner agency focuses on the development of student voice, choice, and ownership to become lifelong learners ready to respond and adapt to new challenges and problem-solving as they arise. 


Learning in Action at Prep

SMA Prep cadets collaborating

SMA Prep cadets collaborate to create a podcast about positive ways to impact the community.

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