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SMA Prep Eco Team

Stars September 10th

 Room 203

Every Thursday



For cadets who wish to improve SMA Prep’s ecological footprint on our planet. Prep is a certified Green Flag Eco School, with four of the ten pathways completed. Cadets will monitor energy usage, recycle, maintain the campus grounds, and participate in fun activities. Space is limited.

Eco-Team Advisor

Crystal Montuori

SMA-CPT, English Language Arts, Teacher of the Year, RMIT Intl Univ., Vietnam 2012

History of the Eco Team at SMA PrepOriginally created by SMA-MAJ Deb Walker in 2017, Prep earned the status as a Certified School Habitat Site as well as a Green Flag Eco School by the National Wildlife Federation. The Eco-Team maintains both these certifications by maintaining habitat nesting and feeding boxes, recycling, monitoring energy and water usage and more. This unique opportunity is for cadets who wish to become eco-ambassadors to minimize our ecological footprint and educate our community for all of us to have a positive impact.


Environmental Teaching & Learning Partners