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Courses & Electives

2023-2024 School Year

Language Arts

Language Arts is an integration of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and using language for college and career as well as self-expression and empowerment.


An integrated program includes concepts, skills, processes, investigations, and attitudes designed to build student knowledge, understanding, and skills base in each of the disciplines


Places an emphasis on communicating mathematical thinking and conducting investigations that help students to recognize and gain an appreciation for the wide application of math in our society.

History & Civics

History and Civics students explore concepts and contexts of various perspectives through reenactments, simulations, and hands-on learning opportunities

World Language

Language learning fits well with the values of intercultural understanding and the promotion of international mindedness


Unique opportunity to become eco-ambassadors to minimize our ecological footprint and grow food from seed to table!

Health & Wellness

Promotes the value of the development of the whole child remaining active and an understanding of health and nutrition.

Military Studies

Provides a military foundation and structure to promote character and skills, as well as self-awareness observable through a strong military bearing.


Using the design cycle, students develop a process of problem-solving that relies heavily on collaboration, feedback, and reflection as part of the learning process.


Singers develop their musical potential and artistic expression through singing in a choral ensemble. Great repertoire from Disney medleys to modern pop songs and world languages.

Band- Beg & Adv

This year-long elective emphasizes the acquisition of basic musical skills as students learn to play a brass, woodwind, or percussion instrument. Students are required to rent or own their instruments. Instruments must fall into the category of woodwind or brass. Cadets do not participate in P.E. when taking Band.

Digital Art

Starting with 2D digital art using both pixel and vector based programs, students will also explore 3D digital art, using CAD programs to print their own designs.

A/V Tech and Communications (MEDIA)

Explore media production including; print, audio podcasts, television, and filmography. Students will work with cameras, lighting, audio equipment, digital manipulation programs, editing software, and more.


Learn about camera handling, composition, lighting, and develop a photographic vision working in Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop!

Visual Arts

Explore media and techniques used to create a variety of 2-D artworks through developing skills in drawing, painting, printmaking, and collage.