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SMA Prep Cadet Support

How Prep's School Counselors Can Help and Offer Support?

  • Individual Counseling- When you are feeling sad, angry, etc.
  • Small Group- 2 to 4 cadets focusing on a skill set or peer mediation
  • Large Group- Classroom lessons and school-wide activities
  • 504s- We help cadets that have 504 Plans
  • PBIS- We supply the Eagle Store and plan fun quarterly events
  • Support- We help cadets improve their grades, their behavior, and their attendance
  • Newsletter- Our part of the Newsletter is called “The Counselor’s Corner”

Get to know your Counselor at SMA Prep!

Wioletta Apgar

SMA-SFC, Clinic Aide

How Do I Request a Counselor?

Zero-Tolerance for Bullying

  • SMA Prep strictly prohibits bullying of any kind.
  • The definition of bullying is a power imbalance. It is repeated, aggressive, and unwanted behavior.
  • The four types of bullying that exist are physical bullying, verbal bullying, social bullying, and cyber bullying.
  • If you or someone you know is being bullied, report it to a teacher, a counselor, or an administrator or fill out the anonymous form below.

We are here to help.