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Purpose of Assessment

“The aim is to get the students actively involved in seeking [evidence of learning]: their role is not simply to do tasks as decided by teachers but to actively manage and understand their learning gains. This includes evaluating their own progress, being more responsible for their learning, and being involved with peers in learning together about gains in learning. If students are to become active evaluators of their own progress, teachers must provide the students with appropriate feedback so that they can engage in this task.”  -- John A.C. Hattie, Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learning


Learners Play an Active Role in Their Learning

The most effective use of assessment is to create ongoing learning experiences that show evidence of growth overtime in each learner. Assessment is most effective when communicating the purpose- Why am I doing this?, what is being assessed- Setting Clear Goals, ongoing teacher input on progress- Feedback, and emphasizing the importance of learner input in their own learning process- Self-Assessment/Reflection.

Recording and Reporting

How do I access Gradebook? 

SMA Prep uses the Sarasota County Schools family portal to communicate information about a student’s progress and grades. Parents/Guardians & Cadets are required to have separate accounts with different usernames. The cadet's N# is needed to create all cadet accounts.

Gradebook Access

Once parents/guardians have created their account, it is recommended to sign up for notifications to receive automatic emails for missing work and weekly assignment reports. Go to "settings" in the portal to sign up as seen below.

What do the numbers in Gradebook mean?

SMA Prep uses a Mastery Learning Grade Scale which supports learning as a process and promotes growth overtime. Learners are encouraged to perservere and continue to work toward mastering standards and SEL skills found within their weekly plans.


Assessment Cycle