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Building Student Agency

SMA offers unique learning experiences for all learners. 

The Inspire Project

Building Leaders Now

The Inspire Project is a themed student experience in which kids at every age can INTERACT with WORLD RENOWNED SPEAKERSthroughout the year. 

IB Middle Years Program

Building Global Citizens

Our IB MYP is a unique, whole school program that is based in research-based, best practice in education today.


Athletics Packet

Before School Care

SMA Prep offers a safe and affordable option for parents to drop off their children before school each day. Our goal is to support families who need options earlier than the regular 8:40 AM drop-off start time by providing a learning environment at school for their children to complete homework or engage in other activities as early as 7 AM. Breakfast is available (for purchase or through the free/reduced program) at 8:30 AM.

Hours: 7 – 8:40 AM, Monday through Friday, excluding school holidays and days off. Drop-off is at the main office and requires an adult sign-in. Find more details here.

Breakfast & Lunch

Breakfast and Lunch are available through the Sarasota County Schools Food and Nutrition Services Department. Meals comply with National School Lunch Program guidelines.

Menus: Download the Nutraslice app or bookmark the Prep menu link.

Options for Purchasing Meals: 

  • Money is collected daily at lunch by the Food and Nutrition Services cashier.
  • You may also pre-pay with cash or a check. Please send money in a well-sealed envelope with your child's FIRST AND LAST NAME, PIN #, and TOTAL AMOUNT included. Checks are to be made payable to TATUM RIDGE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (the school authorized to provide meals to SMA Prep). Please put your child's name and PIN # in the memo area of the check as well. You will be notified when your child's account is running low. Please make sure your child's account is current.
  • If you have more than one child at the school, please designate how the money or check should be divided.
  • Pay online at

Parents and/or guardians are responsible to apply for Free and Reduced meal benefits, and are responsible for all charges until eligibility is determined. Free and Reduced meal benefits must be applied for annually. Paper applications are available in SMA Prep’s main office. You may also apply online at under the Food and Nutrition Services Department section.

Go to Sarasota County Schools’ Food and Nutritional Services for more information.

Bringing Lunch: Choose healthy foods with proteins and complex carbohydrates (fast food is discouraged). Students are not permitted to bring soda, vitamin drinks, energy drinks, tea, coffee, caffeinated drinks, or gum to school. Cadets with these items may be asked to throw items away and may receive an infraction.

  • We encourage cadets to bring water to drink daily. Water must be in a clear water bottle or drinking container. Water is the only drink cadets are allowed to have on campus outside of the lunch room during the school day.
  • Parent/guardian lunch dates with students are not an option on the SMA Prep campus.
  • A reservation is required to bring in cupcakes/treats for birthdays and must be prearranged with the front desk at least 3 days in advance. Cupcakes/treats will be allowed at cadet’s reserved table during lunchtime. Gifts, balloons, teddy bears, etc. are NOT allowed.

Family Access Portal


Questions regarding transportation may be directed to our Route Supervisor, SMA-MAJ Beth Harris.  Please note that buses 1331, 1600, 1730, 1731, and 1800 are SMA buses. Please join the Remind app and use the code provided by the SMA bus driver at the beginning of the year to remain updated on the status of your child's bus.  All other buses are operated by the Sarasota County Transportation Department.  If your child rides a district bus and you have questions regarding transportation, you may call 941-486-2141. 

SMA Prep Bus Schedules for 2019-20


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