SMA High Uniforms

SMA High is an Army JROTC campus and all Class B uniforms are issued by the United States Army at no cost to SMA cadets. All new freshmen and other incoming cadets are fitted for their Class B uniforms which include the blouse, pants, belt, and shoes. This is the mandatory cadet uniform worn Monday, Wednesday and Friday and optional on Tuesday and Thursdays.

For all new incoming cadets waiting for their Army issued Class B uniforms, the mandatory SMA polo uniform is to be worn Monday through Friday.  Once the Class B uniform is issued, the SMA polo uniform is optional attire for Tuesdays and Thursdays with an option of Spirit Wear (shirt only) on Thursdays.

The SMA polo uniform, polo shirt and shorts or pants, is optional Tuesday and Thursday attire with an additional option to wear Spirit Wear on Thursdays.

The mandatory gym or "PT" (physical training) uniform is the required shorts and tee-shirt. 

SMA uniforms are available through our exclusive supplier, Children's World. For more information on purchasing brand-new uniforms through Children's World, please visit the store's website.

On the high school campus, there is a Gently-Used Uniform store available to all enrolled cadet families.  The Gently-Used store receives donated polo and PT uniforms and sells the pieces for a low price to cadet families.  The revenue generated is a fundraising program that directly benefits the high school cadets and campus.

To visit the Gently-Used store, call SMA-SFC Elke Olree at 941.926.1700 to arrange an appointment.  Supplies are subject to donations, and sizes and availability fluctuates.