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SMA High Faculty & Staff


SMA-LTC Dr. Catherine Rodriguez

Assistant Head of School

SMA-LTC Abby Williams

Assistant Head of School

Campus Support

SMA-CPT Monika Chenkus

Office Manager

SMA-SFC Angela Cohen

Administrative Assistant

SMA-MAJ Leslie Collier

Clinic Supervisor

SMA-SFC Maggie Daly

Media Center Coordinator

SMA-SFC Carmen Diaz

Campus Security

SMA-CPT Donna Hoefer

Executive Assistant

SMA-CPT Kevin Nasby

Facilities Manager

SMA-CPT Carrie Pellegrino

ISS and Substitute Coordinator

SMA-CPT Laura Stutzman

Clinic Aide, CNA


SMA-COL Christina Bowman

Executive Director of Schools

SMA-MAJ Dr. Todd Brown

Director of Community Outreach

SMA-MAJ Charlie Carver

Department Chair, IB Coordinator

SMA-MAJ Dr. Maria Clapp

Director of Counseling, Cadets A - L

SMA-MAJ Steve Kok

Director of Finance

SMA-MAJ Amy Mazner

Athletics Director

Art & Music

SMA-MAJ Michael Finley

Music Department Chair

SMA-MAJ Pamela Lyon

Visual Arts Department Chair


SMA-MAJ Dr. Maria Clapp

Director of Counseling, Cadets A - L

SMA-CPT Tina Hodges

Testing Coordinator, SFC, DE

SMA-SFC Elke Olree

Administrative Assistant

SMA-CPT Marsha Seagrave

Counselor, Cadets M - Z

English Language Arts



Physical Education


Social Studies

Student Services

World Languages