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As we continue to build our STEM program, Prep offers hands-on and experiential learning opportunities that engage all learners in 21st century learning and skill building.

Operation Outbreak

"Led by Todd Brown, Sarasota Military Academy Prep’s community outreach director, the program began as a low-tech endeavor that used stickers to mimic the spread of a viral disease. With guidance from a team of researchers led by Pardis Sabeti, a computational biologist at Harvard University, the program quickly morphed into a smartphone app that could ping a virtual virus from student to student with a Bluetooth signal." (NY Times 1/21/21)

NASA's Growing Beyond Earth Challenge

NASA selected SMA Prep to participate with other middle and high schools in their “Growing Beyond Earth Challenge”.

The Growing Beyond Earth Project (GBE) is a STEM education program designed to have students conduct botany experiments, designed in partnership with NASA researchers at Kennedy Space Center, that support NASA research on growing plants in space. GBE was initiated by Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. SMA Prep cadets collect plant data while growing vegetables in a hydroponic system like the one currently used on the International Space Station.


In 2017 Prep earned the status as a Certified School Habitat Site as well as a Green Flag Eco School by the National Wildlife Federation. The Eco-Team maintains both these certifications by maintaining habitat nesting and feeding boxes, recycling, monitoring energy and water usage, and more. This unique opportunity is for cadets who wish to become eco-ambassadors to minimize our ecological footprint and educate our community for all of us to have a positive impact.

Coding Club

Coding club is a group of supportive peers and role models who are excited to use Computer Science to change the world. When you join, you will be able to learn from fun and simple online coding tutorials, build community through interactive activities and learn about inspiring role models. You then work in teams to design and build projects that solve real-world problems you care about through code!

Coding Club is a free program designed to encourage young people to learn about computer science and build creativity while developing coding skills and opening up to interests in other areas of STEM learning.


Our grades 6-8 program encourages students to impact their community in a positive way through coding. In order to build the skills needed to make an impact, participants will learn how to code using online tutorials and activities that help them build animations, games, apps, and other creative ideas! Tutorials are available in Scratch, Python, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and in a block-based app development language called Thunkable.

Forensics Club

Cadets learn how science is used to solve crimes and also have the opportunity to learn from professionals working in the field today!



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