NASA’s “Growing Beyond Earth Challenge” Accepts SMA Prep In Study

SARASOTA, FL. September 27th, 2017Sarasota Military Academy Prep, a public charter, middle school and authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, providing students with a 21st-century learning experience immersed in daily military principles of honor, respect, and leadership, announced that NASA has selected SMA Prep to participate with other middle and high schools in their “Growing Beyond Earth Challenge”.

The Growing Beyond Earth Project (GBE) is a STEM education program designed to have students conduct botany experiments, designed in partnership with NASA researchers at Kennedy Space Center, that support NASA research on growing plants in space. GBE was initiated by Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

SMA Prep cadets will collect plant data while growing vegetables in a hydroponic system like the one currently used on the International Space Station.

About Sarasota Military Academy

Founded in 2002, Sarasota Military Academy is a public charter, middle school, and high school located in Sarasota, FL. As an authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, SMA provides students with a 21st-century learning experience immersed in daily military principles of honor, respect, and leadership. Combining extraordinary academics with the highest military principles of camaraderie, focus, leadership, integrity, compassion, poise, honor, and respect, SMA’s mission is to graduate young men and women who will confidently define their personal and unique goals for success in a multicultural and globalized world. More information is available at

About Project Earth

Project Earth is a student and faculty-driven collaborative effort spearheaded by Agri-Science, the Interact Club, and Project Inspire. Our goal is to become an Eco-School, a new certification backed by the National Wildlife Federation. It is a seven-step process that requires audits in twelve sustainable categories such as water consumption, energy use, and campus biodiversity. The certification would be a year-long effort that would promote environmental awareness of the cadets and a chance to lessen the carbon footprint of our school. To find out more about upcoming speakers visit Project Earth

About The Fairchild Botanical Gardens and NASA’s “Growing Beyond Earth Challenge”

Together, Fairchild and NASA are administering plant experiments with 124 schools participating in The Growing Beyond Earth Challenge, to determine which edible plants might be suitable for growth in microgravity aboard the International Space Station’s plant growth facility. The challenge provides South Florida middle and high school students an opportunity to conduct authentic botanical research in the classroom To find out more visit

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