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Google Meet is used for attendance in each of your classes as well as instruction and participation in class activities. You will need to join Google Meet at the start of each of your classes. Make sure to check the bell schedule to arrive in each Google Meet at the starting time of each class.

Cadets must be logged into their school Google account through Clever.

  • Student and Parent/Guardian Distance Learning Expectations

    2020-21 School Year


  • Students will attend all of their scheduled classes on time for each school day to be marked present for that day.

  • To be marked present for each class, students must have their camera on and their faces visible for the duration of the Google Meet.

  • Students will be marked with an unexcused absence if a teacher is unable to see their face for the duration of the virtual “class time” on Google Meet.

  • An absence may be marked excused if a doctor’s note or written explanation is provided from the parent/guardian and turned into the front office.

  • If there is a technical difficulty, a parent/guardian must call the front office at the time the problem occurs


  • Parents/Guardians should provide, to the best of their ability, an area that will allow for minimal to no distractions.

  • Students need to be ready and available to join each Google Meet even beyond the exact class start time until the teacher begins.

  • Students should not be participating in other activities and conversations beyond participating in their virtual “class time” as this can be distracting to distance learners and the teacher.

  • Students will follow the “Dress Down Day” uniform policy found in the cadet handbook. If it cannot be worn on campus, it cannot be worn for distance learning.

  • Just as on-campus students are required to have basic school supplies, a working webcam and mic are a critical part of being successful as a distance learner. If a webcam or mic is broken, the parent/guardian must notify the school immediately to discuss when it will be replaced or an alternative solution.

  • It is recommended that students continue distance learner status, at minimum, through the end of each quarter to ensure continuity of instruction and delivery.


  • If a student is consistently distracting or disruptive, the teacher may mute or remove the student from the Google Meet and follow school referral protocols to document the incident. Continued referrals may result in loss of use of the school account for a specified time period.

  • Neither parents/guardians nor students (nor any other person) may record audio or video of a teacher or students during distance learning instruction. This can result in loss of use of a school account, and/or a documented incident on your school record.

iPad users: Make sure you have downloaded the Google Meet App.

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