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Sarasota Military Academy Partners with PODS® to Move and Store Uniforms

Sarasota Military Academy Partners with PODS® to Move and Store Uniforms


Sarasota, FL – Oct. 1, 2020 – Sarasota Military Academy (SMA) received over 700 cadet uniforms provided by the U.S. Army in Fort Benning, Ga., but needed a way to ship and store them. PODS Enterprises, LLC rose to the challenge and agreed to pick up, transport and store over $250,000 worth of uniforms at SMA High School until students were able to return to campus to start their school year.

A 16-foot PODS container was delivered to the U.S. Army Base to be loaded and then transported to Sarasota to await distribution to all the cadets.

"The support from PODS for the Sarasota Military Academy has been overwhelming! We had an extremely valuable uniform initiative that was at a complete standstill because of a lack of options. PODS immediately stepped up and donated their services that made it possible for us to issue new uniforms to our Cadets,” said LTC (Ret.) Ben Weiss, Commandant. “Without the generous donation of time and resources from PODS this could not have happened. It is obvious that the leadership at PODS believe in giving back to the community and their efforts are greatly appreciated!" 

PODS is committed in its support of the military--active duty, retired and veterans. When SMA approached PODS for help, they were quick to lend a hand. Their corporate responsibility and willingness to give back to the military community found synergy in supporting the young people studying at a military academy.

“The military community is near and dear to our heart, and at PODS, our commitment to serve and support this community is core to what we do,” said Luci Rainey, SVP Residential and Chief Customer Officer. “It has been a true honor to partner with Sarasota Military Academy and be entrusted with the important role of providing a flexible, convenient way to move and store cadets’ uniforms until they could safely return to campus in these unprecedented times.”

About PODS Enterprises, LLC
PODS offers moving and storage the way you need it done, with unlimited time, space, and control. When PODS pioneered portable storage in 1998, they introduced the world to a brand new, flexible way to move and store. Now an industry leader, PODS currently provides residential and commercial services in 46 U.S. states, Canada, Australia, and the UK. To date, the PODS network has completed more than one million long-distance moves, four million initial deliveries, and has over 220,000 PODS containers in service. To learn more, visit PODS.com.

About Sarasota Military Academy

Sarasota Military Academy is a public charter school serving grades 6 through 12 located in Sarasota, Florida. Founded in 2002 with a career and college preparatory focus on two campuses, SMA offers a unique academy experience for a diverse student population from its four surrounding counties. Experiential learning underpins an unparalleled academic education and builds life-long core values instilled through its JROTC and Military Studies curricula. SMA's mission is to graduate young men and women who will confidently define their personal and unique goals for success in a multi-cultural and globalized world. Sarasota Military Academy High School is located at 801 N. Orange Avenue and Sarasota Military Academy Prep Middle School, is located at 3101 Bethel Lane. To learn more about SMA, visit http://www.sarasotamilitaryacademy.org/.

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