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Unrestricted Endowment

Support the maintenance of general facilities and grounds

High School and Prep: $150,000


 Academic Department Endowments

Support curriculum, programs and faculty

High School and Prep: $75,000 each

Military Values Endowment

Support cadet leadership and character development

High School and Prep: $50,000


Faculty Endowment

Support SMA teachers professional development

High School and Prep: $50,000

IT Network Server

Replacement of central server

with remote hosting  

High School: $25,000

Covered Walkways

Modular cantilever covered walkway from bus area to building

Prep: $45,000

Touchless Water Stations

High School and Prep: $650 each

Technology Equipment

Chromebook carts with 

25 Chromebooks each 

High School and Prep: $10,000 each

Gymnasium Expansion

Remodel space to meet official sport dimensions

High School: TBD

Gymnasium Upgrade: Soundboard

Prep: $10,000

Cafeteria Technology Upgrade

Projector, screen and speakers plus installation

Prep: $5,000

Facility Upgrades

High School: $15,000

Athletic Field Upgrades


Prep School: $5,000


Run electrical power to field lights and scoreboard

Prep: TBD

Light Poles

Install light poles along field

Prep: TBD

Bleacher Sunshades

Bleacher sunshades (2) plus installation

Prep: $10,000 each

Literacy Reading Intervention Program

High School: $45,000

On-the-Job Training Initiative

High School: $50,000

Athletic Program Support Fund

High School and Prep: $15,000 per athletic program

Extracurricular Academic Activity Fund

Academic departments with specific needs

High School and Prep: $15,000 per Academic Program


Marine Biology Lab

Computer & Technology Lab

High School: $20,000 each


High School and Prep: $10,000 each

Courtyard Spaces

High School and Prep: $15,000


Prep: $5,000


JROTC Facilities (6)

High School: $5,000 each

Athletic Field

Prep: $100,000