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2023-24 Open Enrollment Begins OCTOBER 1st

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Sarasota Military Academy Admissions Application

Student Information

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Which county do you live in?required*Bus transportation in Manatee and Sarasota counties only.
*Bus transportation in Manatee and Sarasota counties only.
If no, which county do you live in?required
*SMA does not offer a boarding option. Student must live within daily driving distance.
Out of Staterequired
When will your family move to Florida? mm/dd/yyyyrequired
*Must live in Florida to receive enrollment offer. Proof of residence needs to be provided.

Family Information

Enrolling Parent/Guardian Information

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Parent / Guardian 2 Information

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Is a language other than English used in the home?required
If yes, what language?
Sibling attends SMArequired
If yes, please list sibling name
Sibling applying to SMArequired
If yes, please list sibling name
Special custody we should be aware of?


School Information

Current Schoolrequired
School Locationrequired
Was student ever retained?required
What grade level?required
Does the student have a settlement agreement or reassignment?required
If yes, has the student fulfilled the obligation and date of completion?required
What area of study are you interested in?required
If other, please list below
How did you hear about us?required
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If referred by an SMA family or Alumni, please provide their name so we can thank them!
Tell us why you are choosing SMA!required
Select the answer that is MOST important to you.​​​
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The school will provide the programs and services, including supplemental supports and services, and accommodations, to ensure the academic success of students with disabilities whose education needs can be met in a regular classroom environment with at least 80% of instruction occurring in a class with non-disabled peers.


Sarasota Military Academy complies with the State Statutes on Veterans' Preferences and prohibits discrimination in its educational programs, services or activities, or employment conditions or practices on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnic or national origin, genetic information, marital status, qualified disability defined under the ADAAA, or on the basis of the use of a language other than English, except as provided by law.


Enrolling Parent/Guardian Submitting Applicationrequired
This is to certify that all the information on this registration form is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that inadequate information may result in delayed entry. I understand that submitting false residency information or providing false disciplinary information on this application is illegal and may result in your application being revoked. I understand that the school is not responsible for errors made by me on this application (such as grade, birth date, schools selected and/or incorrect school year application).

SMA Mission and Code of Conduct

As a prospective student of SMA, please briefly share why SMA would be a great fit for you? required
As a parent/guardian of a Sarasota Military Academy Cadet, I (enter parent/guardian name below),required
1. I will support the mission and beliefs of the Sarasota Military Academy program, its staff and administration, and the Parent, Teacher, Cadet Council (PTCC).

2. I will read and support the standards of Cadet conduct as outlined in the Cadet Handbook and reinforce them with my Cadet, and I will support the Academy's codes for Cadet behavior, dress, and discipline. (MS Cadet Handbook ~ HS Cadet Handbook)

3. I understand that the Sarasota Military Academy is a drug-free environment, and I agree that my Cadet will be subject to random drug testing. (High School Only)

4. I will ensure that my Cadet is on time for formation each day, and I will ensure that my Cadet knows to be punctual to each class, each day.

5. I will ensure that my Cadet arrives to school in his or her complete uniform. To support administrative consequences for my cadet when not complying with uniform standards, I understand that my Cadet may be detained in an In-School Suspension or sent home until the required uniform pieces are secured.

6. I will attend as many PTCC meetings and Academy events as possible, and I will participate in school activities including volunteer work through the PTCC, event support, or extra-curricular support.

7. I will make arrangements to have my Cadet taken home from school for illness or for disciplinary reasons. This includes making advance arrangements with a third-party in the event that I cannot personally provide immediate pickup.

8. I will immediately notify the school office, in writing, of any contact information change (address, telephone number, email) so I can be reached during the school day.

9. I will be available for conferences by request.

10. I will ensure that my Cadet practices proper hygiene and the Cadet-outlined grooming habits.
11. I understand that dropping off my Cadet before 8:30 AM involves signing into SMA Middle School's Before-School Program which is fee-based. I further understand that picking up my Cadet after carline closes or after 4:30 PM in the school office, may result in a late, pickup fee. I agree to pay for these special services promptly after my child uses either service. (Middle School Only)

12. I will furnish a suitable study area at home for my Cadet.

13.  I will support my cadet's safe use of technology both at school and at home. I will ensure that my cadet understands the requirements for the use of the school's computers, networks, and other technology. I will fully support the Electronic Device Policy in the Cadet Handbook and remind my Cadet to keep all cell phones and other electronic devices turned off while at school.
*I understand that my Cadet may be asked to return to his or her district school if this agreement is repeatedly violated. By signing this agreement electronically, I acknowledge, accept, and agree to all the aforementioned expectations.
Parent/Guardian First and Last Namerequired
By signing this agreement electronically, I acknowledge, accept, and agree to all the aforementioned


As an incoming Cadet of the Sarasota Military Academy, I (provide cadet first and last name below)required
promise that:
1. I will read and abide by all rules and policies as outlined on the SMA Website, to include the Cadet Code of Conduct.
(MS Cadet Handbook ~ HS Cadet Handbook)

2. I will take an active role in my learning process by giving my best effort and advocating for myself. I will be responsible for completing and submitting class assignments and homework.

3. I will always wear the uniform correctly in accordance with the Regulation for Wear and Appearance of the SMA uniforms at all times, to include bus stops, field trips and after school activities.

4. I will comply with the Academy’s random drug-testing policy. (High School Only)

5. I will display good manners and demonstrate proper courtesy to staff and faculty at all times.

6. I will not intimidate, harass, bully, or threaten anyone, and I will not tolerate it in others. I will report bullying or inappropriate behavior that I witness. I will settle disputes and conflicts peacefully, using respectful language.

7. I will attend classes on a regular basis with no more than nine absences in a semester.

8. I will care for books, furniture, equipment, and rooms properly and help others to do the same.

9. I will help keep the campus clean by following the “Don’t pass it up; Pick it up!” code, and I will be respectful of others’ rights and property.

10. I will not bring materials or objects to school that will be disruptive to the educational process, such as smart watches, which are prohibited, and will abide by the Electronic Device Policy when bringing cell phones or other electronic devices to school.

11. I will be responsible for bringing any notice from my teachers or parents/guardians, to or from school.

12. I will exhibit the principles of good sportsmanship.

13. I will move from one area of the school to another in a quiet and orderly manner.

14. I will not chew gum on campus, and I will politely remind others of the same.

15. I will abide by the Computer and Network Policy as posted on the SMA website.

16. I will adhere to the Academy Honor Code ~ Honoring Self, Family, Community, and our Nation.
*I understand that SMA requires Cadets to have self-discipline, integrity, endurance, determination, and a willingness to work hard and to build and display strength of character. I am entering SMA with the understanding that I am ready to take responsibility for my learning and actions, and with the full support of my parents/guardians. I understand that I may be asked to return to my district school if I repeatedly violate this agreement.
Student First and Last Namerequired
By signing this agreement electronically, I acknowledge, accept, and agree to all the aforementioned

SMA Prep Campus, Grades 6-8
3101 Bethel Lane, Sarasota, FL 34240


941.877.PREP (7737)

SMA High School Campus, Grades 9-12
801 N. Orange Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34236