SMA High Faculty & Staff


SMA-LTC Dr. Catherine Rodriguez

Assistant Head of School

SMA-LTC Abby Williams

Assistant Head of School

Campus Support

Gail Biroscak


Monika Chenkus

Office Manager

Angela Cohen

Administrative Assistant

Leslie Collier

Clinic Supervisor

Maggie Daly

Media Center Coordinator

Carmen Diaz

Campus Security

Donna Hoefer

Executive Assistant

Savannah Kalka


Kevin Nasby

Facilities Manager

Carrie Pellegrino

ISS and Substitute Coordinator

Laura Stutzman

Clinic Aide, CNA


SMA-COL Christina Bowman

Executive Director of Schools

SMA-MAJ Dr. Todd Brown

Director of Community Outreach

SMA-MAJ Dr. Maria Clapp

Director of Counseling, Cadets A - L

SMA-LTC Pamela Donehew

Director of Literacy, IB Coordinator

SMA-MAJ Steve Kok

Director of Finance

SMA-MAJ Amy Mazner

Athletics Director

Art & Music

SMA-MAJ Michael Finley

Music Department Chair

SMA-MAJ Pamela Lyon

Visual Arts Department Chair


Maria Clapp

Director of Counseling, Cadets A - L

Tina Hodges

Testing Coordinator, SFC, DE

Elke Olree

Administrative Assistant

Marsha Seagrave

Counselor, Cadets M - Z

English/Language Arts



Physical Education


Social Studies

Student Services

World Languages