AP & Dual Enrollment

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are college-level curriculum, challenging the students to learn college-level study skills and preparation techniques for final exams. The content covered in AP classes is broad and deep so that the student carries away with them a solid understanding of the content material.

Many junior colleges and universities across the state and country recognize and accept AP classes for collegiate credit, however, that is always at the discretion of the institution. Regardless of college credit acceptance, AP courses provide students with the option of challenging themselves in core content areas at a higher level than traditional general education options.

To learn more about Advanced Placement, visit the AP College Board website  


Dual Enrollment

SMA offers juniors and seniors the opportunity to take State College of Florida (SCF) courses. For some cadets, this is a valuable way to earn college course credit free of charge and still complete high school requirements for graduation. The student may choose to take one or more SCF courses and even achieve an associate degree while earning their high school diploma.

This program choice is for young adults who can manage both the coursework and the schedule. The SCF dual enrollment program is an excellent option to get a head start on a college career and save considerable tuition dollars.

Contact the SMA dual enrollment coordinator at the high school for more information about the SCF Dual Enrollment program.