A Learner-Centered Approach

Our vision for academic excellence transforms learning experiences through a learner-centered approach. SMA cadets reach their full potential as purposeful and impactful leaders who are contributing global citizens.

Learning at SMA is Transformative.

To thrive in our rapidly changing world requires an approach to teaching and learning that is founded in a learner-centered approach to facilitate the development of agency within our young people. As students navigate and interact within a global environment through technology, their greatest assets will be to learn how to learn and become adaptable to new experiences they will face now and in the future.

What is a Learner-Centered Approach?

A shift from a teacher-centered to a learner-centered approach is imperative to empower our young people to succeed into today's world. Each individual child can develop the creative confidence to advocate for themselves with the goal of taking ownership of their learning. All learners are unique and the goal for 21st century education is to design learning experiences that provide opportunities for the whole child to develop.

6th grade cadets work in Prep's Award-Winning Garden

6th grade cadets work together in Prep's Award-Winning Garden

Cultivating Curiosity, Collaboration, and Critical Thinking