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Our Learning Culture 

At SMA we believe that learning is a lifelong pursuit. We foster a culture of on-going learning as part of our commitment to our team and believe all learners should have experiences and opportunities that allow them to reach their fullest potential as an educator and team member. We invest in specific learning opportunities such as technology workshops, employee-led courses, speaker series, cultural activities, IB training and further opportunities that allow for passion projects, campus-wide initiatives, and much more.

Prioritizing Wellness 

A school community is a dynamic, and busy environment that can, at times, require time to regroup or reset. Educators are provided planning and meeting time with their department during the school day. We also offer PTO, and holiday breaks.

Comprehensive Coverage

We are committed to the overall well-being of our team.  We provide health insurance, dental, and vision plans, life insurance and the Florida Retirement System retirement plan. On the health plans, we offer an HSA and FSA plans for accumulating funds pre-tax on a card to use for qualified medical expenses. We also offer optional Short and Long Term Disability, Accident, Hospital, and Critical Care (which includes Cancer Coverage) plans through payroll deduction, as well as an additional 403(b) retirement plan. Finally, we offer an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which assists employees and their eligible dependents with personal or job-related concerns, including:  Emotional well-being; Family and relationships; Legal and financial matters; Healthy lifestyles; and Work and life transitions, with unlimited telephone access to EAP professionals 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

SMA Educators Go Above & Beyond

If you want to be a positive part of a creative and collaborative team of educators that impact learners to achieve in the 21st century, please send your completed application, resume and cover letter to HR@oursma.org.

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Bus Drivers

SALARY SCHEDULE: Commensurate with the Sarasota Military Academy Support Staff Salary Schedule. QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Possess a High School Diploma or GED. 2. Possess a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) with Class “B”, “S”, (school bus), Passenger Endorsements and Air Brake Qualified. 3. Must pass an annual physical examination. 4. Successful completion of a forty (40) hour training course. 5. Successful drug screening and background check. 6. No DWI/DUI convictions. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Basic understanding of the skillful and safe operations of both large and small buses. Thorough understanding of State of Florida traffic regulations. Ability to interact with students and adults. Ability to communicate effectively. REPORTS TO: Route Supervisor JOB GOAL: To successfully transport students to and from school, or any school related activity, in a timely manner and in a safe and healthy environment. SUPERVISES: N/A Last Revised: 7/10/17 PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Display a thorough understanding of the safe operation of a school bus. 2. Perform a pre-and post- route bus inspection according to established guidelines for every trip assigned. 3. Perform, twice annually, bus evacuation drills according to established guidelines. 4. Display a thorough understanding and use of the Academy and District Bus Discipline Procedures. 5. Maintain the proper records and reports as required to include up-to-date seating charts and route directions. 6. Follow the thirty (30) day inspection process. 7. Report any and all irregularities in vehicle performance. 8. Maintain a clean bus interior. 9. Instruct students in safety precautions and bus rules. 10. Signal children when to cross street or highway and see them safely across before departing. 11. Demonstrate initiative in the performance of assigned responsibilities. 12. Model and maintain high ethical standards. 13. Follow attendance, punctuality and proper dress rules. 14. Maintain confidentiality regarding school matters. 15. Maintain positive relationships with staff, students, parents and community. 16. Participate in workshops and training sessions as required. 17. Communicate effectively with staff, students, parents and community. 18. Keep supervisor informed of potential problems or unusual events. 19. Respond to inquiries and concerns in a timely and professional manner. 20. Follow all Academy and School Board Policies, rules and regulations. 21. Exhibit interpersonal skills to work as an effective team member. 22. Demonstrate support for the Academy and its goals and priorities. 23. Perform other incidental tasks consistent with the goals and objectives of this position. 24. Perform complete interior inspection of the bus after each run and trip to ensure that no student remains on the bus. Last Revised: 7/10/17 PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Medium Work: Exerting up to 50 pounds of force occasionally and/or up to 20 pounds of force as frequently as needed to move objects. TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Salary and benefits shall be paid consistent with the Academy’s approved compensation plan. Length of the work year and hours of employment shall be those established by the Academy. EVALUATION: The Route Supervisor shall evaluate performance of this job.

Intensive Language Arts Instructor