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SMA International Heritage Week

Sarasota Military Academy ~ An Authorized IB World School



Thank you for visiting our SMA International Heritage Week page! Please support our program by contributing making a donation which is easy and safe. It is through the help and generosity of people like you that we are able to continue our work. Your compassionate support truly makes a difference. Make sure to bookmark this page and come back often to check our progress!

This project will be celebrating and recognizing traditions, history, and significant contributions of diverse cultures to our campus. The power of culture and its diverse manifestations influence and enrich our everyday lives in each individual. Being the world’s famous melting pot, the United States is the best place to witness this amazing and happy collision of diversified heritage. The International Heritage Week (IWH) will provide our school with a unique platform to truly appreciate, recognize, celebrate and acknowledge the diversity within our campus community. The campus will welcome families to participate as our campus comes alive through individual and personal accounts and performances of different histories and heritages. Every effort will be made to promote a greater understanding of our differences while encouraging conversations that help us learn about ours and other cultures and traditions. As part of this celebration of diversity, our school will host a variety of cultural programs and initiatives that educate the general population, form community, unite and inspire, and enrich the overall campus experience for the students, faculty, staff, and families, and the larger and surrounding network of community members, visitors, and friends to our campus during IHW. Some of the cultures and traditions, specific to our campus population that will be highlighted include, but are not exclusive to, Latina, American Indian, Chinese, Irish, Asian, and Ukranian. There will be opportunities for any other category to be recognized to support inclusiveness.

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