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Shalini Niles

SMA-CPT, Math instructor

B.Ed (HONS) (major in Mathematics), University Tun Abdul Razak, Malaysia
Master of Science (majoring in Mathematics Education), Curtin University, Australia.

Teaching has been an area that I wanted to be in since young. Math became my favorite subject when one teacher took the time to explain concepts in a different way. She made me want to become a math teacher.

I have studied and taught in both Malaysia and Australia. I have experienced teaching mathematics under the Western Australia, British (Cambridge), Singapore and Malaysian curriculum. Having been in the various systems of education, I have enjoyed learning the different worldview and also adapting the subject in cross-cultural environments. Now I am able to add the USA to my list!

I look forward to continue in pursuing my passion to help cadets recognize their abilities, enhance their strengths, and overcome their weaknesses through positive reinforcement. This will in turn boost their confidence in the subject matter and consequently in themselves.

Phone: 941-877-7737