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Deanna Ferguson

SMA-CPT, Individuals & Societies

A.G.S. Teacher Leadership, Brandeis University

M.Ed. University of South Florida

B.A. English Literature and Intercultural Studies


Collegiate world travel across Africa and the South Pacific sparked my lifelong love for anthropology and  culture, and I’m so excited to share this passion for humanities at SMA! My goal as Individuals & Society Instructor is to help students find their footing as thoughtful, confident, and inspired global citizens.

Through exploration of how social structures and changing environments sculpt the past and present, Cadets will unearth legacies left by ancient civilizations & their leaders and “think like historians” using interactive simulations.   Our related collaborative projects evoke meaningful conversations about our learning, and are designed to build effective communication, celebrate the dynamic fabric of intercultural interactions, and evaluate the murky magic of historicity.  


Phone: 941.877.7737