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Becky Morris

Assistant Head of School, Prep Campus

B.A. Biology – Westminster College, Fulton, MO

Certified in Montessori Education 6-9
Certified in Florida Elementary Education K-6
Certified in Technology Education 6-12

U.S. Army Reserves (ret), 22 years of service, Medical Service & Civil Affairs

I began my educational career as a Montessori educator and  have served in various teaching and leadership positions. In 2005, I led a team that launched a new middle school program, and I later served as its first principal.

In 2006, I was deployed for a year and a half where I served as the commander of an Army Civil Affairs unit in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.  Our unit provided humanitarian assistance with a focus on building and refurbishing schools, clinics, hospitals, and water wells throughout the Horn of Africa.  I returned home in 2008 and resumed my role as director of the secondary program.  By 2012, our reach expanded from middle school to include a high school, 9th-grade program.

As assistant head of school at SMA Prep, I have the opportunity to engage my educational leadership, military background, and passion for educating adolescents. I have the privilege to help develop student leaders in a creative and engaged learning process.

Phone: 941. 877. 7737 ext. 3104