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School Policies

The Sarasota Military Academy is committed to providing the best environment possible for each cadet to learn and develop themselves to their potential. Occasionally individuals decide to behave contradictory to the cadet behavioral expectations and disciplinary actions must be taken.  In those rare events, SMA follows the School Board of Sarasota County Student Code of Conduct and School Rules, as well as the county Attendance Policy.

For further information, details, and updates to SMA rules and policies, please view the Cadet Handbook for each campus below; refer to the Sarasota County's Student and Family Handbook, or log onto

SMA works closely to support success for all of our cadets and their families, but in the unlikely event that a cadet cannot abide by the SMA expectations and the standards set by the Sarasota County School district, that cadet may be dismissed from Sarasota Military Academy for one or more of the following reasons as supported by the Sarasota Military Academy Charter, the Sarasota School Board Cadet and Family Handbook, and the SMA Cadet and Parent Contracts.

·         Failure of the cadet to follow school policies as stated in his/her signed cadet contract.

·         Failure of the parent(s)/guardian(s) to adhere to the signed parent/guardian contract.

·         Failure to follow all policies and rules as outlined in the Sarasota County Student and Family Handbook.

The following information represents the school guidelines for cadet dismissal.  Please note that all SESIR incidents will result in immediate dismissal.

1.      Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will be notified of the cadet issue.  Verbal or written communication is acceptable and will be documented.

2.      Cadet concern will be discussed at team meeting for recommendations and interventions.  Interventions can include referral to Counseling or ESE Liaison/Behavior Specialist as applicable and documented by the team.

3.      Parent conference with all cadet teachers and administrator will take place and will be documented.  Cadet may be monitored on weekly basis at this time. 

4.      If cadet concern persists, cadet will be placed on documented and dated cadet probation.  Parent(s)/Guardian(s), cadet, and administrator signature required.

5.      If cadet does not satisfactorily complete cadet probation, parent(s)/guardian(s) will receive written notice of the dismissal, including the reasons for the dismissal and the summary of actions taken to assist the student, no less than 10 days prior to dismissal.   

The parent(s)/guardian(s) of a cadet who has had their enrollment rescinded (dismissal) may appeal to the Head of School, within 15 business days, with a formal request letter and appropriate supportive documentation.  Failure to do so within 15 business days negates any possibility of appeal.

Prep Cadet Handbook

SMA Prep Cadet Handbook 2018-2019

SMA High Cadet Handbook


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