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The Inspire Project

The Inspire Project is a student engagement platform designed to help build leaders now.  Essentially, it is a tri-themed student experience in which kids at every age can interact with world renown mentors throughout the year.  Each of the three themes is grassroots efforts that are student driven.  Each theme includes a student club and school-driven initiatives that will help develop a deeper understanding of growth that will ultimately cultivate the power of our students by giving them the gift of relevance in the world of today. 

The initiatives, Project Earth, Equality, and Health are scalable from a single student to a school district.  Each initiative is based on the interest and needs of their respective communities.  In choosing an initiative, each experience will revolve around the common element to interact with guest speakers and mentors respective to the Project.  These speakers will share, inspire, and aid in the student’s journey to elicit change through action.

Learn more here:   The Inspire Project and Operation Outbreak (o2)

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