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Gabriella Elmir

SMA CPT, IB/Biology Instructor

B.A. in Biology -- New College of Florida Baccalaureate Thesis: Wolbachia Detection in the Tawny-edged Skipper (Polites themistocles).  My thesis spanned all scales of biological organization from the molecular, to the organismal, to the ecosystem level. I detected Wolbachia (bacteria) in a Tawny-edged Skipper (butterfly) population.  I obtained, performed strain identification, and suggested well-informed conservation strategies.

My goal is to provide my students with the proper instruction and environment needed to gain a conceptual understanding of science. I want students to leave my classroom with the ability to view and discuss the world the way scientists do. Finally, I want my students to gain an understanding and respect for the responsibilities that come with practicing science.

Phone: 941.926.1700