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Clubs and Activities

A balanced individual is one that engages him or herself in a variety of activities. The middle school and high school years can be a great time for young people to discover new interests and make new friends in different areas of involvement.  Some students enjoy athletics; others, well, not so much. Whatever the inclination is, SMA encourages EVERY student to pick a club, team, or activity to join and contribute.  Both SMA campuses offer both athletic and nonathletic clubs. 

At the Prep, cadets can choose from such groups as the Interact club, a Rotarian-based teen group or ultimate frisbee, cyber patriots, self-defense, and the chess club.  There is even a Campus Life group that meets on campus each week.  New clubs pop up all the time as students bring ideas and interests to life. 

At SMA high, there is the Papillion club for the lady cadets; cyber patriots, the Key club, which is a Kiwanis-sponsored teen group, amateur radio, pilot training, civil air patrol, film, Interact, Junior State of America, Mu Alpha Theta (math honor club), Operation Second Chance, poetry, sewing, StellarExplorers, and STAR (science, advanced research technology).

Most of the campus  activities and clubs are stimulated or originated by cadets and overseen by a faculty adviser, so new clubs can develop each year.

So for all incoming SMA cadets, be bold and join something new.  You may be surprised by the things you learn and the people you will meet.

Extra-Curricular Activities at the High School

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