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All students become cadets at SMA high, and all cadets are engaged in the Army Junior Reserved Officers Training Corp. The JROTC program provides the backbone of the SMA culture and gives each cadet an opportunity to become a leader to his or her own potential and desire. The JROTC program is what makes SMA the special place that it is.

If you would like to request a color guard for an upcoming patriotic event, please complete the form below and submit it. You will receive a reply. 

There are four JROTC teams at SMA: Raiders, Rifle, Drill, and JLAB.

Junior Raiders at Prep

As part of an IB diploma program project, SMA high school cadets coordinate and train Prep cadets in the Junior Raider program.  JROTC Raider teams compete in several events including 5K runs, litter carries, rope-bridge building, tire flips, and other endurance and strength testing events.  

The Prep Junior Raider program gives middle schoolers the opportunity to be mentored by SMA high schoolers in both athletic and character-building qualities.

Prep Drill Team Club

Like the Prep Junior Raider team, the Prep Drill team club engages SMA high schoolers in a mentoring capacity with the Prep middle schoolers.  Drill team club teaches precision marching and coordinated movements as a unit.  

Both Drill and Raiders are SMA high teams so Prep cadets can continue in these programs throughout high school.

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