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Cadet Life

It goes far beyond academics. Clubs, athletics, and JROTC create a unique environment designed to foster leadership and teamwork skills, while encouraging cadets to explore their personal interests.


We play to win. We compete with honor. Whether star player or team leader, being part of our competitive athletic program is an integral part of the SMA experience.


More than drills and ceremonies. JROTC instills responsibility, awareness and respect. Most of our graduates won’t go on to pursue a military career, but they will all benefit from the skills they learn in JROTC.

Cadet Allyson

SMA has guided me to find who I am as an individual, as well as a leader. I’ve accomplished more than I could have dreamed of in academics and leadership, and as a member of the SMA rifle team. SMA taught me to lead by example, follow my passion and never give up.

Cadet Lexi

I’m extremely proud of SMA. It has been the perfect school for me. I’ve been honored to represent SMA on the Raiders and Drill teams. My patriotism has grown immeasurably since I first set foot on our pavers. I know that I will be a responsible and active citizen because of my experiences at SMA.

Cadet Jaron

"Many people believe that SMA is only for those pursuing military careers. The truth is that the JROTC program provides an excellent learning atmosphere for anyone who wants to be successful, preparing cadets for whatever road they choose."