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Admissions Process

SMA is an authorized IB World School integrating military values of accountability, self-discipline, and respect. As a public charter, we offer a tuition-free, private-school experience that combines character development with exceptional teaching and learning.

Please review our admissions process before submitting an application.

  1. Visit: SMA Prep (middle school campus) or SMA (high school campus) for an Admissions Information Event to learn about our educational approach and tour the school.
  2. Apply: Please complete and submit your enrollment application by January 31st, to be considered for first-round of enrollment offers for the following school year.
  3. Receive an enrollment offer: At the end of the Open Enrollment Period, we follow our Selection and Lottery Process.  Once you have been selected for admissions, you will receive an email enrollment offer.  (We hope you say, “yes!”)
  4. Join our community: Get to know us by following our News Blog, Social Media (@SarasotaMilitaryAcademy or @SMAprep), and joining our weekly email newsletter.
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