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About SMA

It’s possible at SMA. Education and character development, camaraderie and a rigorous academic program enable our graduates to step into their futures as leaders, confident and unafraid.

Cadet Vada

"Before I came to SMA I was scared that all they’d do was yell at me because it was a ‘military school.’ Being here now, I laugh at that thought. Oh, about wearing Army uniforms: I love them because our awards and accomplishments are our individual ‘style,’ not hairstyles or trendy clothes."

Cadet Miranda

"I thought my parents were sending me here for punishment, but then I realized this school is amazing. Yes, we wear uniforms, and yes, rules are enforced, but this school is great because of that. I have gained self-confidence and leadership skills and I am no longer shy. It has changed my life."

Cadet Mark-Elliot

"My favorite part of the day is definitely Raiders. As a team we build close bonds, something that I have never experienced with any other team or activity. Raiders has helped me connect to SMA like I never imagined I would in high school."

SMA By The Numbers


97% of seniors graduate.


90% of graduating seniors are accepted into post-secondary education institutions.


SMA is an approved IB World School offering Middle Years and Diploma Programs.


SMA is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Parent Blurbs

At SMA, your children don’t just grow, they grow up. Our students enter young adulthood with self-confidence and integrity; they graduate as leaders, team builders, and innovators.

Ms. D.J., SMA parent

"My son has grown and matured beyond my wildest dreams. SMA has helped to develop him into a responsible, loyal, and trustworthy young man."

Mr. W.M.F., SMA parent

"We are thankful to have SMA in our son’s life for all the intrinsic value his high school experience is providing. SMA is more than excellent academics; it is a safe haven for our son to become a young adult. Every day he learns how to follow and how to lead, traits that will serve him for a lifetime."

Dr. M.C., SMA parent

"SMA is preparing my child for the real world by providing opportunities to experience both successes and challenges in a supportive environment. I am pleasantly surprised by how well my student embraces the SMA values and expectations including respect for individuality and acceptance."


Camaraderie. Personal expression. Teamwork. From academics to athletics to the arts, our cadets define their goals for the future and discover the confidence and discipline to grow and succeed.


Defying expectations of what students and parents should expect from a school. Come and meet the cadets. Marvel at the camaraderie and spirit. Experience the commitment to academic excellence and success.

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